малекс одесса токарный токарно-крусельный расточный фрезерный станок чпу комплектующие поставка ремонт модернизация современное учпу фанук сименс nct
Briefly about us...

    MALEKS company was formed in 1996 from a number of specialists of the Odessa machine-tool, virtually stopped due to the economic crisis. Then the company motto was born: "QUALITY - above the price." The company has two main areas of work:   first - the supply of machine tools with CNC and their components,
  the second - high-quality repair and modernization of machine tools.

 We have worked with customers outside the Ukraine. In Europe, Asia and America fierce competition and high standards for product quality. On the experience we were finally convinced of the need to work equally well on the export and domestic market.
The company has extensive experience in repairing machine tools: lathes, turning and boring, boring, jig boring, machining centers, radial drilling, flat and cylindrical grinding, hobbing, gear shaping, universal milling machines, straight-line, cutting and polishing, etc. and crank presses.
восстановленное оборудование на фирме малекс
  The company employs highly qualified specialists, has its own manufacturing and warehouse space. We produce grinding rails the trails of up to 6m. The workshops of the company allow to place and collect the machines up to 8-10m.
    We manufacture replacement ballscrews any length. Restoring the guides using a polymeric material produced in Germany. Electroautomatics apply modern methods and wiring.
    The rule of our company: the incoming machine disassembled, cleaned, determined by the presence and condition of parts and only then compiled the final repair plan. Units and details are checked and painted prior to the transfer to the machine assembly. Since 2001, we have completely abandoned the use of the PLC and materials from old stocks of state-owned enterprises. Cheap, long-term storage, the assembly does not ensure the reliability of the machine work.
    Quality machines - the main concern of this manual MALEKS companies. Never, under any circumstances, not to reduce the demands on the quality of work performed. This attitude has become the norm for the labor collective. The company introduced the personal responsibility for the work performed. Neither machine is not shipped to the customer without the necessary checks and tests. We offer warranty on all our machines, regardless of whether it is specified in the contract customer
  Main criteria for the customer - the price and quality, but no less important is also the delivery time, and the availability of corporate service, and engineering support, and real after-sales service. MALEKS company provides all forms of support to its customers in Ukraine.

      MALEKS Company is the exclusive representative of NCT IPARI ELEKTRONIKAI Kft in Ukraine and has a right to represent, sell, repair and give a guarantee on its products. Customers already have a large fleet of CNC production, Siemens or Fanuc, we install these systems and CNC. PLCs are used for the modernization of the universal machines, presses and procuring equipment contact.