Firm MALEKS Examples of work performed on the repair and modernization of vertical milling machines with CNC
Examples of the executed works on repair and modernization of machine tools at the company MALEKS

Longitudinal milling machine group №63
6310 Longitudinal milling machine

6М608-6М616 Longitudinal milling machine

замена электроавтоматикина станках продольно-фрезерный мод 6м610ф, 6м612ф,6м616ф, 6у612, гф, уф
Milling machines group No. 61-67
6Т12Ф1 Console vertical milling machine 6Р13Ф3 Console vertical milling machine ГФ2171С5 Console vertical milling machine with CNC and MASI
станок 6т12ф модернизация
восстановление, модернизация модель станка чпу 6т13ф
вариан модернизации станок гф2171с
67К25 Universal tool milling machine 6720Ф3NCT Universal tool milling machine with CNC 67Л32Ф3 Universal tool milling machine with CNC
67k32f3 чпу nct2000
ФП27Н3 Vertical milling machine with CNC
6Б444Ф3 Horizontal milling machine with CNC
савеловский станои чпу nct100
горизонтально-фрезерный с чпу nct115